[Vwoolf] the big sleep

Jeremy Hawthorn jeremy.hawthorn at ntnu.no
Wed May 13 04:41:25 EDT 2020

Apologies if this has been discussed before. I have been reading Woolf's 
two holograph drafts of /The Waves/ in the 1976 Hogarth Press edition 
transcribed and edited by J. W. Graham. This is from the second draft, 
page 587 in Graham's edition: "this is the moment when emerging from the 
big sleep, between two sleeps, the braced mind stands taut". Searching 
online means that one has to wade through oceans of Raymond Chandler 
references. However I had a memory of an article on sleep patterns in 
the pre-industrial era and found this online:


Is this what Woolf has in mind? The term does not appear in the 
published edition; does it appear anywhere else in Woolf?

Jeremy H

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