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"But I do know," I answered silently, glancing at the TIMES for manners' sake. "I know the whole business. 'Peace between Germany and the Allied Powers was yesterday officially ushered in at Paris--Signor Nitti, the Italian Prime Minister--a passenger train at Doncaster was in collision with a goods train. . .' We all know--the TIMES knows--but we pretend we don't."
The Peace Treaty was signed on 28 June 1919.
“Encyclopaedia Britannica”
Francesco Saverio Nitti, (born July 19, 1868, Melfi, Italy—died Feb. 20, 1953, Rome), Italian statesman who was prime minister for a critical year after World War I.
“He succeeded Vittorio Emanuele Orlando, the wartime prime minister, in June 1919, in the midst of foreign and domestic crises involving Italian territorial claims disputed by other Allied countries and the economic and fiscal problems created by the war and demobilization. Nitti’s adoption of the system of proportional representation (Aug. 15, 1919) resulted in large increases in the number of deputies elected by the Socialists (156) and the Christian Democrats, or Popolari (100), but he did not succeed in conciliating these parties, and an epidemic of strikes by industrial workers and disorders fomented by the new Fascist Party of Benito Mussolini undermined not only Nitti’s government but the processes of democratic government itself. Nitti resigned on June 9, 1920.”
The train crash below doesn’t fit in with the Peace Treaty date, but “An Unwritten Novel” seems to have been written about this time: see D2 13 (26 Jan 1920).

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