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Hi Joshua,

Mark Hussey's Bloomsbury Heritage monograph ‘I’d Make It Penal’, the Rural Preservation Movement in Virginia Woolf’s Between the Acts addresses some these topics.

Very few libraries have copies of the Bloomsbury Heritage volumes. You may be able to access the essay through an Interlibrary Loan request that provides a scan.



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Definitely.  Too many to cite, but see “Between the Acts” (3 refs).  Also the diary and the letters.  You need to use Kobo!

I have just thought of a theory (untested): in early years, VW’s strictures about the suburbs refer to red villas (look what she said about Little Talland House), but as time goes on that’s replaced by bungalows.


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Hello all,

Am I right in thinking that Woolf had somewhat of a vendetta against bungalows? I seem to dimly recall some scathing comments about suburbs in general and red brick bungalows in particular but cannot seem to find them!

Best wishes, and thank you,


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