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On 04.02.2020 04:33, Mark Scott wrote:

> My experience is that Americans pronounce it both ways. As Jeremy 
> Hawthorne wrote, the city in Missouri (not Kansas or Illinois) is 
> pronounced Saint “Lewis” (Louis) whereas the great jazz trumpeter is 
> almost always referred to as “Loo – ee” (Louis) Armstrong.
> Mark Scott
> Common Reader

Well, Wikipedia's page for Louis Armstrong has this:

Pronunciation of name
The Louis Armstrong House Museum website states:
     Judging from home recorded tapes now in our Museum Collections, 
Louis pronounced his own name as "Lewis". On his 1964 record "Hello, 
Dolly", he sings, "This is Lewis, Dolly" but in 1933 he made a record 
called "Laughin' Louie". Many broadcast announcers, fans, and 
acquaintances called him "Louie" and in a videotaped interview from 1983 
Lucille Armstrong calls her late husband "Louie" as well. Musicians and 
close friends usually called him "Pops".[72]
In a memoir written for Robert Goffin between 1943 and 1944, Armstrong 
states, "All white folks call me Louie," perhaps suggesting that he 
himself did not or, on the other hand, that no whites addressed him by 
one of his nicknames such as Pops.[73] That said, Armstrong was 
registered as "Lewie" for the 1920 U.S. Census. On various live records 
he's called "Louie" on stage, such as on the 1952 "Can Anyone Explain?" 
from the live album In Scandinavia vol.1. The same applies to his 1952 
studio recording of the song "Chloe", where the choir in the background 
sings "Louie ... Louie", with Armstrong responding "What was that? 
Somebody called my name?" "Lewie" is the French pronunciation of "Louis" 
and is commonly used in Louisiana.

Ditto St Louis. Officially Saint Lewis, but referred to affectionately 
(by, among others, Chuck Berry) as Saint Loo ee.

Brits tend to use French pronunciation for French words more than 
Americans (Louis Vitton, masseuse, and so on). My assumption is that 
Virginia Woolf would have used Loo ee, but I have no evidence for that.

Jeremy H

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