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My experience is that Americans pronounce it both ways.  As Jeremy Hawthorne wrote, the city in Missouri (not Kansas or Illinois) is pronounced Saint “Lewis” (Louis) whereas the great jazz trumpeter is almost always referred to as “Loo – ee” (Louis) Armstrong.  

Mark Scott
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We say Lewis, and Maggie, thank you for letting us know!!

Mary Ellen

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  Ordered and anticipated!

  And a bit of trivia. Do Americans pronounce Woolf's "Louis" "Lewis"or "Loo - ee"? Saint Louis is Saint Lewis (except when sung by Chuck Berry), so I found myself wondering. Brits I think all use Loo - ee, although I'm open to correction on this.

  I may have asked this before, if so apologies.

  Jeremy H

  On 03.02.2020 17:24, Maggie Humm via Vwoolf wrote:

    Dear Woolfians

    This is shameless self-promotion but the exciting news came today that my novel Talland House is now on Amazon:



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