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Joanna Scott has written some fascinating biographical novels. Her most
recent one is titled *Careers for Women*, and it is based primarily on Lee
K. Jaffe, the woman who envisioned the Twin Towers. In a recent interview,
Scott says that she got the title of her novel from Woolf: "I learned that
Virginia Woolf once planned a book, and she called it *Professions for
Women*. She wanted to think just about this. She had given a talk to a
group of women who were working, and she was thinking about how the
identity of women would change as gender equality--she said something about
how we can't really know what women can do until they have access to every
field available, open to human skill. She never wrote that book, *Professions
for Women*. So in some ways I wanted to pick up where she left off, if
that's possible, if that's allowed."

For lovers of Woolf and her writings, this novel is definitely worth the

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