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Good morning,

Please see the email below regarding new work on Freshwater. Anyone in the know about translation and such is free to contact Tobias.



Kristin Czarnecki
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From: Tobias Schwartz <t.schwartz at gmx.de>
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Subject: Bloomsbury/Freshwater

Dear Kristin Czarnecki,

my name is Tobias Schwartz, I'm a writer (and playwrite) based in Berlin. I want to inform you about my Virginia-Woolf-project that is going to be published as a book in September. The book will contain Virginia Woolfs play "Freshwater", her essay about Julia Margret Cameron, that I both translated into German, and especially a kind of "reenactment" (half based on facts, half fictional) I wrote about the Freshwater-premiere in 1935 and its (funny) setting. The title will be "Bloomsbury & Freshwater". Professor Klaus Reichert, the editor of the (german) collected works of V.W. (that neither contain the play nor the essay) writes a postface.

I thought that you might be interested in the project!? Besides I had the idea, that the "reenactment" could be translated into English and "Bloomsbury & Freshwater" might be published as an english book-version, too. Do you have any ideas that could maybe help - like knowing possible translaters, publishers or a possibility to finance a translation?

Here's a link to the books announcement: https://www.aviva-verlag.de/programm/bloomsbury-freshwater/


I'd be thankful for any advice.

Yours sincerely,
Tobias Schwartz

Alt-Moabit 21/22
10559 Berlin
0049 (0)30 69568756
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