[Vwoolf] "Conscience is trade-name of the firm" : What is this a reference to, in Dorian Gray?

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“Firm” definitely means “company” here.  I think that Lord Henry is suggesting that this double item (conscience/cowardice) goes by the name “conscience” because that’s more marketable/socially acceptable.


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I wonder whether 'the name of the firm' was a period way to convey what we'd say today as 'the name of the game'?  In the absence of any real data, that's how I'd read it.

Mary Ellen

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Dear Woolfians,

In Chapter 1 of The Picture of Dorian Gray, Lord Henry says this to Basil:

"Conscience and cowardice are really the same thing, Basil. Conscience is the trade-name of the firm. That is all."

In a French edition from folio, the line was translated as:

"La conscience et la lâcheté sont une seule et même chose, Basil. La conscience est la raison sociale de la firme. C'est tout."

This translation makes me thinking: Did Wilde really mean to say something like "Conscience is a name of a company"?

Or, with the definite articles, "Conscience is that name of the company, which everybody used to know"? But, what could this mean?

I had thought, with "firm," Wilde had qualities of one's character, something in the line of "headstrong," inflexible in moral judgments.

I somehow really got curious to know about the (possible) reference of this line. Would someone let me know?




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