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The issue of academia.edu (which is, in fact, a commercial enterprise despite its .edu  domain name) has been much discussed recently by CELJ.  I am glad this topic has drawn such thoughtful and informed responses, and especially that people who have apparently been reading but never posting to VW have emerged!  I think these questions are very important for all of us who write the scholarship that the rest of us read.  







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I believe you could argue academia.edu exists for this purpose.  Also, many publishers have begun to include self-archiving as an explicitly permitted activity (using the pre-press, pre-edited copy only), and in my experience OUP now includes this in their contracts for journal content after an embargo period (one year).

That said, other publishers actively pursue legal action against their own authors who self-archive, and I've also seen contracts for periodicals that expressly prohibit it or require copyright be assigned to the publisher.

But I think I'll go back to lurking on the listserv now...

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  In the Open Access debate, I am surprised that there doesn't seem to be more awareness of the solution to these problems of academic publishing proposed by Steven Harnad almost twenty years ago. He argues very persuasively that academics should simply self-archive their research on line. The basics of these proposals (and the demolition of objections to them) are reviewed here: 




  Further arguments in favour of electronic publishing were advanced only a few years later, and are reviewed here:




  And for a ground level view of some of the basic Open Source Research issues, see here:




Dr Roy Johnson





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