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It can be found in vol. 6 of the Essays, edited by Stuart N. Clarke (2011), pp 181-189.  The essay was first published in The Atlantic Monthly (April 1939). It wasn’t a review of a single book but something she’d had a mind to do over the preceding couple of years.





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Dear all,


I am today re-reading Woolf's "Art of Biography," which I have in book form only in the 1970 reprint of The Death of the Moth and Other Essays. It comes without introduction or notes. I have the Essays of Virginia Woolf except for Volume 5, and can't find it in Vols 1-4.


Can anyone tell me when this essay was first published, where, and about what book? My guess is Strachey's Elizabeth and Essex. but I am not sure at all.


Ellen Moody

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