[Vwoolf] Cole as practical joker

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Essays VI, p. 576, n.2:

“The original telegram sent to the Commander-in-Chief of the Home Fleet only referred to ‘Prince Makelen of Abbysinia [sic]; and suite’ (quoted in Peter Stansky, “On or About December 1910: Early Bloomsbury and its Intimate World” [Harvard University Press, 1996], p. 25).”

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I could email my contact at OUP (who sent me the DNB entries to work on). I'll need a full explanation backed by references, of course. None of us would expect anything less! Perhaps a suggested rewording? They might not accept it, but it would serve as an illustration.

Or perhaps Peter has already tried?

Sarah M. Hall

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Now this error has been spotted, is there anyone who knows how to get the DNB to correct it?

Jeremy H

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Thanks for sending this. I’m sorry that it repeats the standard error, based on Adrian Stephen’s account, that it was a visit by the emperor. The main visitor rather claimed to be Prince Malaken, a royal prince. Best, Peter Stansky

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