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“Mrs. Papworth, of Endell Street, Covent Garden, did for Mr. Bonamy in New Square, Lincoln’s Inn ...” (“Jacob’s Room”)

Endell Street was then a lower-class street, running north from Bow Street; there was a charity school in Endell Street in 1914.

>From "Endell Street: The Trailblazing Women who Ran World War One's Most Remarkable Military Hospital" (main title in US: "No Man's Land"):

The hospital was set up in a former workhouse, “a forbidding five storey hulk of four blocks ranged round a dingy courtyard.  The only entrance was a narrow lane off the upper end of Endell Street squeezed between a public wash house and a church.  Emerging from this dark tunnel... the courtyard was divided by iron railings into sections, much like animal pens, where the workhouse inmates had until recently exercised.” (p. 98)

If you are able to expand the 1914 map, you will see clearly the details as described; the Royal Opera House is towards the bottom of the map.

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  In “No Man’s Land,” Wendy Moore chronicles the remarkable story of two physicians who founded and ran a military hospital in London.


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