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To add to the suggestions. Orlando says at one point "it is the clothes
that wear us, not we them," and this can lead to a lively discussion of
socialization and projections of fashion today that questions conventional
ideas about gender and sexuality. The recent show at the Metropolitan
Museum of Art on "Camp" could supply some interesting images (there's a
catalog) as well as the illustrations in *Orlando* leading to a discussion
of "performing gender"  (Butler).

 In addition, Woolf said before writing this work, "it sprung upon me how I
could revolutionize biography in a night." The challenging *Miscellan*y
articles sent by Vara lead to a discussion of biofiction and, in general,
Woolf's experiments with genre infusing drama, poetry, biography...into the
so-called novel. Not only in *Orlando,* but *To the Lighthouse* (is it an
elegy?) and after *The Waves,* " I mean to write another four novels, Waves
I mean." Is *Orlando* a letter, a biography, a novel, a history, a joke:
honors student can explore  the lineaments of each, as well as the literary
devices of irony, parody, and pastiche. Woolf provides a counter narrative
to traditional literary terms students are expected to recognize and master.
Pat Laurence

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> Good morning,
> I'll be teaching our Honors Research Seminar for first-year students this
> fall for the first time. It includes a substantial unit on the humanities
> in which we read *Orlando*. Students will complete several assignments
> related to the story, context, annotations, etc., and write a research
> paper in which they defend an argument about a theme/symbol/image--the
> usual fare but for some of our strongest students who need to hone these
> skills early for future Honors classes & such. If anyone has any
> suggestions, I'd be grateful!
> Best,
> Kristin
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