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Hi Kristin,

I finished reading Orlando recently and scribbled a note to myself to be
sure to teach it before Butler's "Gender Trouble" in a literature, theory,
or gender studies course as an example of how novels often provide
blueprints for theory and philosophy... I will likely teach Butler after
Woolf and then have students decide if one of the texts fills in gaps for
the other and generally have them discuss what each offers that is
different/similar. It seems important to get students to consider the ways
these two separate genres do different sorts of work but also to notice the
way novels as texts are so rich that they actually do many things that
other texts can't.

Hope this helps!

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> Good morning,
> I'll be teaching our Honors Research Seminar for first-year students this
> fall for the first time. It includes a substantial unit on the humanities
> in which we read *Orlando*. Students will complete several assignments
> related to the story, context, annotations, etc., and write a research
> paper in which they defend an argument about a theme/symbol/image--the
> usual fare but for some of our strongest students who need to hone these
> skills early for future Honors classes & such. If anyone has any
> suggestions, I'd be grateful!
> Best,
> Kristin
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