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It’s an interesting point (so to speak).  One of the many things I had to learn when I went to the US in the early 1980s was to add a full stop/period after abbreviations of this type; by the late twentieth century British (and Commonwealth) English had stabilised on using this only where the last letter of the abbreviation was not the same as the last letter of the full word if spelled out (so no full stop after “Mrs,” originally an abbreviation of “Mistress”).

Presumably this style marker was not rigid in the 1920s—or Woolf and her press favoured the US approach.


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That's right, Mark,

Since the first UK edition used the period, I reinstated it for CUP even though subsequent English editions dropped it. (It's always been part of the US editions.)


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The period is there in the first UK and US editions (according to Kirkpatrick and Clarke), but it seems often to be omitted on the dustjacket copy of various editions (e.g. the Shakespeare Head).

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Dear Woolfians,

There must have been discussion of this at some point that I am missing.

Is it Mrs. Dalloway (with the period) or Mrs Dalloway (without)? The Cambridge edition uses "Mrs." and the Hogarth Press edition uses "Mrs" -- is one preferred over the other?

Thanks for any help,


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