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Good morning,

I received the query below yesterday and thought I would forward it along. If anyone replies, please include Alva as well (alvasmoore at gmail.com<mailto:alvasmoore at gmail.com>).



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Subject: research question/degree of awareness of Woolf in America, 1900

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Dear Ms. Czarnecki,

Would society ladies of Virginia Woolf's era, born and raised in the American south, be aware of the lesbian relationships Sackville-West, Woolf, etc., enjoyed?  Or was that kept from their buying public?

In my research at a local historic home, I've discovered several Sackville-West books.  The home belonged to maiden sisters who, in 1965, left their Victorian home and contents to our organization.  We've not much information about them as individuals.

Thanks for your time,
and best regards-

Alva Moore

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