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Mon Feb 11 19:29:19 EST 2019

Are you interested in a roundtable discussion on approaches to centenary
celebrations of Virginia and Leonard's writings?  If you would like to
co-facilitate such a discussion, please email me at duncanr at meredith.edu/.
The deadline is Friday, so please respond quickly.

Also, here is the Call for the Fall 2019 Miscellany, addressing the early

*Reading, Fast and Slow:  Centennial Musings on the Early Novels*

Centennial years for Woolf’s novels began in 2015 with *The Voyage* *Out*
and continue in 2019 with *Night and Day*.  To consider the critical legacy
and continued relevance of these early works, we can make an analogy of
economist and Nobel laureate Daniel Kahneman’s notion of fast vs. slow
thinking.  Fast thinking is intuitive, impressionistic, and dependent upon
associative memory.  Slow thinking is deliberate, precise, detailed, and

Likewise, reading can be fast or slow.  Fast reading of the early novels
seems to hurry along to Woolf’s more celebrated works, treating the former
as prelude or practice in narrative art.  Impressions, including early
reviews and Woolf’s own reflections on her process or state of mind, may be
limiting, or they may take us right to the heart of the work.  Slow
reading, in contrast, settles in and pursues a new approach, context, or
dialogue and seeks to answer the question, “What have we missed?”

For its fall 2019 issue, the *Miscellany* invites fresh (fast or slow)
readings of *The Voyage* *Out* and *Night and Day*, as well as Leonard
Woolf’s *The Wise Virgins *and *The Village in the Jungle*.  Possibilities
include perspectives of postmodern readers; dialogues with contemporary
fiction; attention to happiness, pain, intimacy, disruption; narrative
forms, historicist/contextual/generic dialogues—any approach that will
encourage a contemplative re-reading

Submissions should be no longer than 2500 words; shorter articles are
strongly preferred. Articles should be submitted electronically, in .doc or
.docx MS Word format and in compliance with the style of the 8th edition of
the *MLA Handbook*. For additional guidelines, please consult the
Submissions policy published in any issue of the *Miscellany*.

Please send questions or submissions to Rebecca Duncan, guest editor and
professor, English, Meredith College, Raleigh, NC:  duncanr at meredith.edu/.
Deadline:  May 1, 2019.

Kahneman, Daniel.  *Thinking, Fast and Slow*.  Farrar, Straus and Giroux,
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