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You will recall that that’s Eleanor’s nickname for Edward Pargiter in “The Years” (mentioned 4 times).  Apparently, that was VWS and HN’s name for Nigel (see CUP edn 420 39:13).  But why should that be a nickname for *Edward*?

I’ve found a more persuasive inspiration for the nickname.  The family called Lord Edward Cecil, Nigs, although I don’t know why.  Perhaps if I looked up a biography, I would find out.  Anyway, see here from the ODNB:

Cecil, Lord Edward Herbert Gascoyne- (1867–1918), army officer and administrator, was born in London on 12 July 1867, the fourth son and sixth of eight children of Robert Arthur Talbot Gascoyne-Cecil, third marquess of Salisbury (1830–1903), prime minister, and his wife, Georgina Caroline (1827–1899), daughter of Sir Edward Hall Alderson and his wife, Georgina Drewe. Known to his family as Nigs, and to friends as Ned, Edward Cecil was educated privately and at Eton College, and was commissioned in the Grenadier Guards in 1887.

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