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A friend shared this interesting link with me.



Katharine Smyth: Forgetting Virginia Woolf | Literary Hub<https://lithub.com/katharine-smyth-forgetting-virginia-woolf/>
It wasn’t until my junior year of college, when I took a tutorial on her work at Oxford University, that Virginia Woolf managed to escape the prim ranks of Women Writers to which my high school teachers had consigned her and became instead the nexus of my reading life. My tutor, Shane, was a sharp ...

I also stumbled on this blog which includes an illustration/graphic narrative:

And, available only to those with a subscription:



The story of the Bloomsbury set - History Extra<https://www.historyextra.com/period/20th-century/bloomsbury-set-charleston-east-sussex-virginia-woolf/>
Nige Tassell and Maggie Humm explore Charleston in East Sussex, the rural retreat that recharged some of the keenest minds of the early 20th century

(I don't recall seeing it posted on the list, but if so, my apologies for duplication).



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