[Vwoolf] Barbara Lounsberry's three volumes on Virginia Woolf's diaries--discounted through December 7

Neverow, Vara S. neverowv1 at southernct.edu
Fri Nov 2 11:10:50 EDT 2018

Dear all,

I attempted to forward two flyers for Barbara Lounsberry's volumes on Woolf's diaries, but the documents are too large to be posted to the listserve without approval.

The first flyer is the discount for all three of Lounsberry's volumes. The flyer offers a deep discount through December 7th (Stuart Clarke had previously posted the discount that was in effect through October 31). This pricing applies only to individuals.

I have now posted the flyer on the Virginia Woolf Miscellany website on WordPress at


You can also see the document below.




Vara Neverow
Department of English
Southern Connecticut State University
New Haven, CT 06515
neverowv1 at southernct.edu
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