[Vwoolf] Call for help from Cecil Woolf

Paula Maggio akronpm at sbcglobal.net
Tue Jun 19 14:13:41 EDT 2018

I just heard from Jean Moorcroft Wilson that Cecil Woolf is not well enough to be at the Woolf conference in Canterbury this week. They are looking for someone coming down from London for the conference who is able to stop by their home at 1 Mornington Place, London, near St. Pancras/King’s Cross station, to bring some of their Bloomsbury Heritage Series monographs so they are available at the conference. Can anyone do that? If so, please contact Jean and Cecil by phone or by email and let them know.

As their daughter, Emma, put it in a plea she posted on Facebook, “they have done so much to support the Woolf conference over the years and I know they’d be incredibly grateful.” She also offered a cup of tea and slice of cake to anyone willing to help.

Here is Cecil and Jean’s contact info if you can help them by transporting the books: 1 Mornington Place, London NW1 7RP, England, Tel: 020 7387 2394 and email: cecilwoolf at gmail.com

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