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Hi Leslie,

The photo caption was 'The Stephens riding up Mount Pentelicus in Greece
1906' ... I tried to track it down back in 2012. It was reproduced in
Hermione Lee's biography and listed as "privately owned" and David Adams
reproduced it in his "Colonial Odysseys" I contacted hime and he replied as

"Jean, I sent a similar query to the list a decade ago--can't believe it's
been this long! No one on the Woolf listserv, at Hermione Lee's publisher,
or at the Society of Authors was able to identify the owner or location of
the photo, and multiple letters and emails to Lee went unanswered. The
Society of Authors could determine only that "there are any number of
possible owners within and outside the extended family" and then forwarded
my letter to Lee. After all this my editor at Cornell decided to go ahead
and use the photo so it's on page 186 of Colonial Odysseys. Please let me
know if you have more success than I did in learning its location!"

I did not... and ended up choosing another photo for my book instead, as
deadlines loomed large and the trail ran cold.

I'd be interested in hearing if you have any better luck than I did.


On Tue, May 30, 2017 at 7:34 PM, Leslie Hankins <lhankins at cornellcollege.edu
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> Hi all, I swear I remember once having seen a snapshot of Virginia Stephen
> on a donkey climbing Mount Pentilicus (sp?) in Greece, I assume from her
> trip to Greece with her siblings in 1906.  And I imagine they sent
> postcards during that trip as well.  Does anyone know where anything like
> those snapshots or postcards might be housed?
> or did I make this up?  yours in fiction, leslie
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