[Vwoolf] TLS essay on Woolf's BBC broadcast "Craftsmanship"

Emily Kopley emily.kopley at gmail.com
Mon May 1 12:34:35 EDT 2017

Hi All,

In this week's TLS (28 April 2017) I have a "Commentary" essay on Woolf's
BBC broadcast of "Craftsmanship." The essay marks the 80th anniversary of
the broadcast (29 April 1937).

The TLS piece is also online but currently paywalled. The editors tell me
it should become publicly available in coming days. The link is:


I was also interviewed about Woolf's broadcast for the TLS podcast, which
you can listen to here.


At 35:30 minutes my essay is summarized, from 37:30 to 49:20 I speak, the
hosts then discuss Woolf's voice, and from 52:30 to the end they play the
8-minute recording. I am also attaching the mp3:
 How comics got serious.mp3

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