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Jeremy Hawthorn jeremy.hawthorn at ntnu.no
Fri Jun 16 04:39:29 EDT 2017

What other possibility is there? Even in my youth in the 1950s tradesmen 
such as the greengrocer and the milkman were paid in cash at the door. 
Cheques and bank accounts were strictly for the middle classes.

Jeremy H

On 15.06.2017 12:45, Stuart N. Clarke wrote:
> We all know about Leslie Stephen and the drama on Wednesdays over the 
> weekly books: see MoB, 2nd edn, p.144.  After carrying on like 1 
> o’clock, “he wrote out the cheque”.
> I don’t understand how the tradesmen get paid if only one cheque is 
> written out.  Is the cheque written out to “cash”, Vanessa goes to the 
> bank & cashes it, and goes round to each tradesman, paying them in cash?
> Stuart
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