[Vwoolf] Calling all book collectors!

Catherine Hollis hollisc at berkeley.edu
Tue Jun 6 19:31:17 EDT 2017

Dear Woolfians,

In preparation for this year's upcoming conference at Reading, I am
thinking about book collecting, Woolf, and the Hogarth Press. Specifically,
I'm wondering what we, as members of the Woolf community, collect when/if
we collect editions of Woolf's novels or Hogarth Press books?

Assuming that nobody can afford the $25,000 copy of *Kew Gardens* (1919) I
saw at a recent antiquarian book fair, have you found a more affordable
niche for collecting Woolf and/or Hogarth Press books? (I look for battered
American editions of Woolf's novels, with somewhat intact Bell dust
jackets; Emily Kopley talks about collecting the Hogarth Press Letters
pamphlet series).

I've seen great essays by Kopley and Drew Patrick Shannon on collecting
and/or interacting with H.P. / Woolf books, but I'd love to gather more
stories about book collecting from within our own Woolfian community.

If you've got a story, an anecdote, or an article I should read, I'd love
to hear from you, either via the list or personal email. Thanks in advance!


Catherine W. Hollis, PhD
Instructor, Fall Program for Freshmen
U.C. Berkeley
Berkeley, CA 94720
hollisc at berkeley.edu
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