[Vwoolf] New York Times review of Heartbreak House with Shaw's snark about Virginia

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Just an alert regarding a passing reference to Virginia Woolf in Jesse Green's review of a production of Heartbreak House in Hartford, CT featuring Andrew Long's Trump-esque depiction of Boss Mangan in the play complete with a blond comb-over wig.

Green states in the review that, "Shaw has been busy exposing us to two breeds of ineffectual English elites, circa 1914: the cultured but idle bohemian class, represented by Hesione Hushabye (partly based on Virginia Woolf) and the horsy, empty-headed aristocracy represented by her sister, Lady Utterwood." Christopher Innes confirms in A Sourcebook on Naturalist Theatre that Shaw intended to allude to Virginia and Vanessa as well as Lady Ottoline Morrell in his crafting of the two Shotover daughters (233).



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