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Interesting to hear VW talk.  Not seeing much connection between her words and the choreography however 

She speaks so poshly - makes the Queen sound like she could be slinging fish n chips in Limehouse or Poplar   
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On Monday, July 24, 2017 9:47 AM, Anne Fernald <fernald at fordham.edu> wrote:

Dear Woolfians,

I found this clip of ballerina Sarah Lamb dancing to Virginia Woolf's voice which may interest you, too:


To my quick viewing, it's dazzling but the choreography isn't as illuminating to the text as the Netherlands Dance Theater choreography to Stein's "Picasso," which I think is the better dance--but that's just my thought.

In any case, as I often teach dancers, I'll be using this clip in class and clearly Sarah Lamb is an vastly talented artist in her own right.

Hoping you're all well,


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