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Hahaha! thanks, Stuart. Well, you know what they say in (American)
publishing, "what one source calls a widow, another calls an orphan"
(Wikipedia)??? Thanks for the good catches; wish you were at my beck and
call during the proofing stage, because as we all know: "the only thing
worse than not being published, is being published" (Dorothy 'hiccup'

And Jane did indeed "put it about"!

Much love,

On Thu, Jul 20, 2017 at 8:52 AM, Stuart N. Clarke <
stuart.n.clarke at btinternet.com> wrote:

> “It is a serious inconvenience that neither form ... has been brought into
> any but facetious use as a prefixed title ... See FEMININE DESIGNATIONS.”
> (H. W. FOWLER, “A Dictionary of Modern English Usage”, 1926).
> However, I’m not sure I’m always able to keep up with developments.  For
> instance, yesterday I was reading “Virginia Woolf and Heritage: Selected
> Papers from the Twenty-sixth Annual International Conference on Virginia
> Woolf" [at Leeds Trinity University - 16-19 June 2016], with my animal
> companion (✔) on my lap, when I read this:
> “Jane Marcus’s widow, Michael . . .”
> [Why, oh why, do some lesbians adopt masculine names?  (Thank you,
> Radclyffe Hall.)]
> Then four pages later:
> “Jane’s husband and family”.
> [Well, Jane Marcus certainly put it about!]
> On second thoughts, perhaps Americans don’t (any longer?) use the word
> “widower”?
> Stuart
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