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Thu Jul 13 08:13:00 EDT 2017

Hello Woolfians,

I am a graduate student at Chapman University, where I am the founding Editor-in-Chief of Chapman’s interdisciplinary graduate student journal, ANASTAMOS (https://anastamos.chapman.edu/ <https://anastamos.chapman.edu/>).  The theme of our next peer-reviewed issue is FLUIDITY.  I would like to invite you all to submit.  (I feel there is quite a lot of potential for this theme with Woolf and the Bloomsbury Group!)

Anastamos is a journal that encourages submissions not only from established academics and scholars but also from graduate students.  We are actively working to encourage the publication of excellent student work, and it seems that we get more student submissions when professors encourage their students to submit work.  Therefore, I would also like to appeal to instructors who recall any promising work from their students to please pass this along.  

You can find details on the next issue here: https://anastamos.chapman.edu/index.php/submit/ <https://anastamos.chapman.edu/index.php/submit/>

Thank you!  

Alison Williams
MFA Creative Writing + MA English Candidate - Spring 2018
Editor-in-Chief, Anastamos Interdisciplinary Journal READ ISSUE ONE “FEAR” NOW! <https://anastamos.chapman.edu/>
Chair of Public Relations, Graduate Student Council 2015 - 2017
Chapman University

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