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Michael Lackey lacke010 at morris.umn.edu
Tue Jan 5 21:49:20 EST 2016

I have finally got onto this listserv, so I am responding very late to
all this. But

here's what Mark Hussey asked?

Thinking more about this really interesting issue, I am wondering if
any other writer than Woolf
has attracted so many biographers (leaving aside the explicitly
fictional versions of her). There
seems to be a widespread compulsion to narrate some version of her
life, and the flow has hardly
stopped (the latest, perhaps, being Vivianne Forrester’s). And, of
course, there must be an appetite
for reading the story in these different versions to induce publishers
to risk putting them onto the
market. But is hers really the most interesting writer’s life of the
twentieth century? Are there,
in fact, other writers who have elicited a similar or greater number
of biographical treatments?

To my knowledge, Woolf is one of the most written about, and she is certainly

one of the most popular figures in 20th century biographical novels.  But

there have been more than one about each Henry James, Elizabeth
Barrett Browning, Emily

Dickinson, Eliza Lynch, Friedrich Nietzsche, Ludwig Wittgenstegin, Walter

Benjamin, F. Scott and Zelda Fitzgerald.  I wish I was part of this

conversation much.  Thanks for letting me know about it, Mark.

All Best,

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