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I should have said that the check to Lolly should be for US$16 per Bulletin.


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In every issue of the ‘Virginia Woolf Bulletin’ to date we have printed previously unpublished writings by Virginia Woolf (this month will be an exception: there will instead be three un-reprinted items: a short article and two letters to the newspapers).

However, to celebrate the fiftieth issue in September 2015, we printed all the known letters from Virginia Woolf to Sibyl Colefax, splendidly edited by Stephen Barkway.  When we published Woolf’s letters to Christabel Aberconway in VWB15 (January 2004), I said that they were ‘the largest number of unpublished Virginia Woolf letters since the appearance of the six-volume “The Letters of Virginia Woolf” (1975–80)’.  I can say this again, for there are seventy-nine letters, only fourteen of which are in the six volumes, while another two, together with snippets from some others, are in Kirsty McLeod’s ‘A Passion for Friendship: Sibyl Colefax and her Circle’ (London: Michael Joseph, 1991).

All back issues of the VWB are still available, except nos. 1 and 12.


Individual copies of previous years’ Bulletins: issues 2–11 and 13 onwards cost £5 each (£8 to overseas addresses); prices include (airmail) p&p. Send a cheque, made out to ’Virginia Woolf Society’, to me at the address below.

If you have difficulty sending a Sterling cheque, then we can accept payment by PayPal to: stuart.n.clarke at btinternet.com. See: https://www.paypal.com.  To cover charges this end, you need to send a little more: £5.50 (instead of £5), £8.50 (instead of £8).

If you wish to pay in US dollars, send a check, made out to Lolly Ockerstrom (ljsearose at gmail.com), to her at: 109 N. Ridge Avenue, Liberty, MO 64068, USA.


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