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Mark Hussey mhussey at verizon.net
Wed Jan 21 08:45:55 EST 2015

The guaranteed Allied Organization session sponsored by IVWS for the 2016
MLA in Austin, TX is as follows (please see MLA website for the cfp details

Textual Woolf  
Digital tools, editions, variants, the proliferation of e-texts -- all offer
a rich array of possibilities for addressing the relative neglect in Woolf
studies of textual matters. 250 word abstracts by 13 March 2015; Mark Hussey
(mhussey at pace.edu).

MLA allows what is tantamount to a tweet for the cfp, so allow me to
elaborate!  For this session I am interested in straightforward textual
analysis that takes advantage of or critiques new editions (e.g. the CUP)
and tools (e.g. Woolf Online); in the proliferation of editions of Woolf's
works (such as those under the general "editorship" of Jeanette Winterson
that have two introductions each by well-known writers); by the kinds of
e-texts that our students bring to class and read on their devices, and the
kinds of issues and questions these might raise; and by any other ways in
which "textual Woolf" might be interpreted.


Mark Hussey, PhD

Distinguished Professor of English

Editor, Woolf Studies Annual

(212) 346-1658


www.woolfonline.com <http://www.woolfonline.com/> 




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