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The curious thing that looks like a badger’s head is perhaps a hat; the stripe is the hatband.  See Glendinning’s biog, Weidenfeld and Nicolson, plate between 206 and 207.  Altho’ cropped in the Penguin edn (which I don’t have), Richardson (whom you should always look at first, over illustrations) says many are clearer in the Penguin.

I would guess that the draped item is a light jacket.

Still, the more I look, the less convinced I am!  If it’s a hat, how is it being held up?  Could the “badger” be the collar of the jacket?  Vita’s right hand is holding the brim of the hat or the lapel of the jacket?


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You were all so helpful before, when I was asking about a different photograph in Orlando. I’m at my wit’s end and would like to crowdsource again. What do you think Vita is holding in this photograph? I’m including both the full photo and the area in question.  I know this might seem like a silly question. but I’m working on an article about how orchestrated the illustrations are, and this is the last piece.  If all the other illustrations were carefully constructed, this one would be too, and I cannot make out two items:  the white triangular item close to the top (not the fence, just below it) and the drape-like item that extends to the left of her skirt.  It’s not a shadow, the contours don’t match.  

Any takers? 



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