[Vwoolf] crowdsourcing a photograph

Christine Froula cfroula at northwestern.edu
Sun Aug 9 21:47:55 EDT 2015

I've always thought she was holding her walking stick and her other 
hand, casting a shadow on the diagonal cross rail of the fence below.

On 8/9/2015 7:34 PM, Vandivere, Julie wrote:
> You were all so helpful before, when I was asking about a different 
> photograph in Orlando. I’m at my wit’s end and would like to 
> crowdsource again. What do you think Vita is holding in this 
> photograph? I’m including both the full photo and the area in 
> question.  I know this might seem like a silly question. but I’m 
> working on an article about how orchestrated the illustrations are, 
> and this is the last piece.  If all the other illustrations were 
> carefully constructed, this one would be too, and I cannot make out 
> two items:  the white triangular item close to the top (not the fence, 
> just below it) and the drape-like item that extends to the left of her 
> skirt.  It’s not a shadow, the contours don’t match.
> Any takers?
> Thanks.
> Julie
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