[Vwoolf] Darlings, am I a snob?

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If Stuart wants to include VW's fiction in his 
research, there is a discreet and rather elegant 
reference to the Royal Family in chapter V of 
Jacob's Room:

"The autumn season was in full swing. Tristan was twitching his rug up
under his armpits twice a week; Isolde waved her scarf in miraculous
sympathy with the conductor's baton. In all parts of the house were to
be found pink faces and glittering breasts. When a Royal hand attached
to an invisible body slipped out and withdrew the red and white bouquet
reposing on the scarlet ledge, the Queen of England seemed a name worth
dying for."


>We really must do more research on VW and the Royal Family.
>In "Street Haunting", when the narrator imagines 
>being in Mayfair, she concludes her reverie with 
>"watching the moonlit cat creep along Princess 
>Mary's garden wall" (The Essays, Vol. IV, p. 
>Princess Mary and her husband Lord Lascelles did 
>indeed live in Mayfair, in Chesterfield House 
>-- "where the famous letters were penned" (Ward, 
>Lock Guide to London, 1934, p. 129.  It was on 
>the corner of South Audley Street and Curzon 
>Street, and was demolished in 1937.
>Another footnote is required.

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