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Jane Gardam is remarkable. And she slips Woolf into other work as well. In her 
2008 novel, Faith Fox, a major character is Thomasina Fox. A confused woman 
refers to her as Thomasina Woolf, remarking that “She wrote The Waves, you 

There are appearances as well in her stories "The Last Reunion" and "The People 
on Privilege Hill."

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A belated Woolf spotting.  I just finished reading Jane Gardam's Crusoe's 
Daughter (heard an NPR recommendation and it is indeed a pleasant summer read), 
and she appears as a glimpsed character.


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Hi All,
>I'm not sure if anyone posted this already . . .  Woolf also appears in Alison 
>Bechdel's graphic memoir "Are You My Mother?"  See link to Judith Thurman's 
>profile (from a few months ago) of Bechdel.
>On Thu, 12 Jul 2012 06:32:33 -0700 (PDT), Keri Barber wrote:
>For those interested, Virginia Woolf makes a quick appearance in
>>Gillian Flynn's new novel, _Gone Girl_. Here is the quote: "I will 
>>drink a giant ice-wet shaker of gin, and I will swallow sleeping
>>pills, and when no one is looking, I'll drop silently over the side
>>[of the Mississippi], my pockets full of Virginia Woolf rocks. It
>>requires discipline." I'm reading it on a Kindle so the page is 58%.
>>Keri Barber
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