MCLC: passing of Ji Xian

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Sat Jul 27 10:11:39 EDT 2013

From: paulmanfredi <manfrepr at>
Subject: passing of Ji Xian

Dear Colleagues,

I find it somewhat striking that no one has yet to note the passing of a
major figure in modern Chinese letters, the poet Ji Xian (Chi Hsien), who
died on July 24, at the age of 100.

Ji was of course one of the major architects of the modernist movement in
Chinese poetry, first in China and then Taiwan, where he was editor of
seminally important Modern Poetry Quarterly (Xiandai shi jikan), founded
in 1953.  In that venue Ji advocated first the modernization of poetry,
and then, beginning in 1956, specifically modernism in Chinese poetry
which he elaborated in "6 tenets," including his famous "horizontal
transplantation" over "vertical inheritance." Since 1976 Ji Xian had been
living in Milbrae, California where he continued to write poetry almost
until his passing.


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