MCLC: publishing/distributing a rock doc

Denton, Kirk denton.2 at
Sat Dec 10 10:35:22 EST 2011

From: Andrew Field <shanghaidrew at>
Subject: publishing/distributing a rock doc

Dear Colleagues,

We are nearing completion of a documentary film that I shot in 2007 on
the subject of Chinese independent rock music.  For more info about
the film please see the following web page:

I am writing to solicit opinions and advice on the matter of
publishing and distributing this film.  Already many colleagues in
Chinese studies have expressed interest in acquiring this film for
their libraries and classrooms.  Also we believe it has a potential
popular appeal given the subject matter.  Please respond to me at
shanghaidrew at  Many thanks in advance for your input.

PS as I wrote in an earlier message, I will be in Beijing this coming
Friday the 16th to screen the film to a small audience.  If anybody is
interested in joining us for the screening, please let me know ASAP.
The screening will take place near Peking University.  For more
details please consult my previous message to MCLC.

Andrew David Field
Shanghai mobile:  13621731540

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