[Vwoolf] The day we broke into Asheham (30 May 1993)

Sarah M. Hall smhall123 at yahoo.co.uk
Sat May 30 07:33:08 EDT 2020

 A nice anniversary, remembering an Age of Innocence(!).

    On Saturday, 30 May 2020, 09:22:34 BST, Stuart N. Clarke via Vwoolf <vwoolf at lists.osu.edu> wrote:  
   The photo has been doctored, in case they send round the rozzers. Stuart(Day 74) “No, it is not desirable for medicine, any more than for war, to be ‘total.’ [...] We are not being invaded.  The body is not a battlefield.  The ill are neither unavoidable casualties nor the enemy.  We – medicine, society – are not authorized to fight back by any means whatever. . . . About that metaphor, the military one, I would say, if I may paraphrase Lucretius: Give it back to the war-makers.” (Susan Sontag)_______________________________________________
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