[Vwoolf] NYTimes: The Future of College Is Online, and It’s Cheaper—and teaching Woolf?

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Thanks Madelyn, Cheryl, Eleanor (& hello out there! Hope everyone is doing ok!)

Like Eleanor, I’d successfully avoided ever teaching online until being thrust into the zoom in March. 6 of the 12 students from my spring modernism class have signed up for a fall Woolf seminar, so I decided not to put Mrs D on the syllabus again (though, as many people have already pointed out, that novel, in the context of Elizabeth Outka’s reading in Viral Modernism, has popped up in all kinds of places online recently).

I only teach undergrads, but it struck me that if many of the Woolf community are going to be teaching online, a thread like this sharing ideas and resources would be very welcome, especially to novices like me. Our interlibrary loan is functioning smoothly for articles, and I’ve also sometimes been able to provide scans of various Woolf things for colleagues who can’t get into their libraries at the moment. Perhaps we could establish a kind of database of materials?  Just a thought…


Stay safe out there.



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Dear All,


As it happens I’m teaching online for the first time ever in my 40+ years of teaching, and this happens to be my graduate seminar, Woolf and the Victorians (not Woolf and Bloomsbury, but close). I have 15 mostly PhD students, and we meet for two hours Thursday afternoons on Zoom with an optional mid-week office Zoom hour. I began with “On Being Ill,” and one of my students persuaded me to change the title of the course to add “A Zoom of One’s Own.” We have active discussion posts about the readings, only the last two weeks of which are specifically Woolf’s novels, Mrs. Dalloway and The Years. For these I’ve delved into the current work on the 1918 pandemic, especially Outka’s essays (don’t have her book). Wonderful Jane de Gay made a video lecture on Woolf and religious background which my students discussed last week (another feature of online teaching—allowing us to collaborate and share from great distances), and I hope to do one for her in the fall. Finally, we’ll end the quarter with a Zoom panel discussion of their various projects. All of the Victorian novels we’ve read—Jane Eyre, David Copperfield, Middlemarch and Far From the Madding Crowd—have been prefaced by Woolf’s and Leslie Stephen’s essays on these novelists so that students are reading these through a Stephen/Woolfian lens. Finally, of course, I’ve  had to adjust some of the readings, but thanks to DU’s having access to the TLS database and many others, including Hathi Trust, we’ve been able to gather many sources. I’m only sorry that Leaska’s The Pargiters doesn’t seem available. 


Best wishes to all of you,


Dr. Eleanor McNees

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HI all,

I hope you are all safe and healthy.  I will miss seeing you at the conference.  As we Chicago Cubs fans are fond of saying, "Wait until next year!" :)


I teach online but usually WGS courses, so I don't have specific modules set up for Woolf. That said, I think that an online course might be a good opportunity to do some interesting work on her letters, since they present  a form  of communication that presumes the need to connect across separateness.  It might also be interesting to read "On Being Ill" together with a class this fall. I could imagine an assignment where students create their own updated takes on On Being Quarantined, or something similar. 


Take care, all, and... I can't wait until next year! 




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Has anyone exciting/interesting approaches to on-line teaching of VW and Bloomsbury?
Stay safe, be well—
Karen Levenback

 The Future of College Is Online, and It’s Cheaper
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