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I suggest it was probably Rand Paul --  see this link:

Easy to get them confused, though they are really very different; Rand Paul
has an ideology and sticks to it, while McConnell, according to a recent
New Yorker profile of his career, will believe whatever is most expedient
if it will keep him in power.  I have yet to see anything that makes me
challenge the NYer's position.  But Mitch and Rand are both from Kentucky
(which I regret, which I say as someone born and raised there. Though I
left at 21, I have contributed what I can to Amy McGrath, who is trying to
unseat McConnell's this November -- http://www.AmyMcGrath.com . You don't
have to be a Kentuckian to contribute to any of these three candidates, but
you do have to be an American; they can't accept foreign money).

Mary Ellen

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> Ellen,
> If memory serves, it was Mitch McConnell who referred to  the undocumented
> meat workers as non-people. It was an astonishingly cold comment.
> On May 17, 2020, at 12:47 PM, Ellen Moody via Vwoolf <vwoolf at lists.osu.edu>
> wrote:
> I'm not sure why I am replying again (as I told myself  I wouldn't) but
> since my name keeps coming up, I'd like to say in today's Washington Post
> in the "Outlook" Section, pp B1 and B8, Micki McElya expresses in an
> article, what I was trying to say when I commended Judy Woodruff's efforts
> (she did some commemoration on this past Thursday night again -- 5 people).
> The article is titled "Almost 90,000 dead an no hint of national
> mourning."  Put up front "We don't see them as 'ours," says historian Micki
> McElya:
> https://www.washingtonpost.com/outlook/national-mourning-coronavirus/2020/05/15/b47fc670-9577-11ea-82b4-c8db161ff6e5_story.html
> I call attention to where McElya writes, "But in the case of the pandemic,
> even Americans apparently are not 'all Americans,' or rather some are less
> recognized in national kinship ... "
> He eventually quotes Judith Butler, who "in her book, 'Precarious Life;
> The powers of Mourning and Violence,' writes 'the obituary functions as the
> instrument by which grievability is publicly distributed, an icon for
> self-recognition.""
> Now I'm not remembering clearly and didn't take down the source, but not
> long ago one of the Republican senators offered as a reason not to give the
> millions of unemployed people, those without food, no money for rent, any
> more subsidy is they are "non-people."
> Ellen
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