[Vwoolf] [WomenWriters] An online copy of Memoirs of a Novelist?

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I'll add this is a four week course and online (remotely -- what a joke
word), so we cannot have a book like To the Lighthouse or Jacob's Room.  We
have 3 other texts besides Woolf .... Ellen

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> After four students (these are all older people) declared $17 was too much
> for postage, and someone said she didn't trust the site had the book (!),
> plus in COVID times .... , who knows if it'll come, I sent to them my pdf
> of Louise deSalvo and Susan Squier's edition of The Journal of Mistress
> Joan Martyn, published in Twentieth Century Literature, and asked them
> instead to purchase The Complete Shorter Fiction of VW.  It is in print the
> first 83 plus pages is a reprint of the Memoirs of a Novelist.
> I wrote this to the class as part of telling them why we are now going to
> do this other book (more variety of course, a good introduction, less
> tendentious I suppose):
> "Now what is the story behind this apparition of a book (I'll call it):
> several of the stories are about a woman biographer trying to tell the
> story of the life of a woman before the 20th century. What she finds is she
> can find nothing out for real.  Everything said is pious generalities; she
> never did anything, was a pious wife and mother; or the memoir she wrote
> has been lost or destroyed. There is one memoir that is found and that's
> the one I send - it's about a woman who had an arranged marriage and died
> young in childbirth.  I wanted to cover the topic of biography and how and
> why much of women's literature until the mid19th century doesn't exist any
> more.
> To me it is supremely ironic that the text which narrates as stories why
> we can find out so little that's real about women before the 20th century
> is itself enormously hard to get. An apparition."
> I looked in my George Mason database and couldn't find it in the online
> texts by Woolf either.
> Ellen Moody
> On Thu, May 21, 2020 at 12:23 PM Neverow, Vara S. <
> neverowv1 at southernct.edu> wrote:
>> Heart-breaking that Adelaide expunged the collection. Why?? WHY???
>> Vara
>> Vara Neverow
>> Department of English
>> Southern Connecticut State University
>> New Haven, CT 06515
>> 203-392-6717
>> neverowv1 at southernct.edu
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>> Dear fellow Woolfians (is that the phrase), I'm teaching one of Woolf's
>> texts this summer:  Memoirs of a Novelist.   While it is available in a
>> Hesperus press edition, from a couple of sites, I can't find a good on-line
>> text. The loss of the University of Adelaide site hits very hard on on-line
>> Woolf texts.
>> Does anyone know of a good on-line copy of this book?
>> I also cc a small list on groups.io
>> <https://nam02.safelinks.protection.outlook.com/?url=http%3A%2F%2Fgroups.io%2F&data=02%7C01%7Cneverowv1%40southernct.edu%7Ca5e151c6682b430aa4c808d7fd978956%7C58736863d60e40ce95c60723c7eaaf67%7C0%7C0%7C637256699590648673&sdata=SZTm0kTJqREaQzl5RkPfcPYreTbfYkaXtqelcZNPaf4%3D&reserved=0>
>> I moderate/own.
>> Ellen Moody
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