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Sun May 17 12:47:30 EDT 2020

I'm not sure why I am replying again (as I told myself  I wouldn't) but
since my name keeps coming up, I'd like to say in today's Washington Post
in the "Outlook" Section, pp B1 and B8, Micki McElya expresses in an
article, what I was trying to say when I commended Judy Woodruff's efforts
(she did some commemoration on this past Thursday night again -- 5 people).
The article is titled "Almost 90,000 dead an no hint of national
mourning."  Put up front "We don't see them as 'ours," says historian Micki


I call attention to where McElya writes, "But in the case of the pandemic,
even Americans apparently are not 'all Americans,' or rather some are less
recognized in national kinship ... "
He eventually quotes Judith Butler, who "in her book, 'Precarious Life; The
powers of Mourning and Violence,' writes 'the obituary functions as the
instrument by which grievability is publicly distributed, an icon for

Now I'm not remembering clearly and didn't take down the source, but not
long ago one of the Republican senators offered as a reason not to give the
millions of unemployed people, those without food, no money for rent, any
more subsidy is they are "non-people."

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