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Dear collective Woolf scholars,

I need to cite a particular comment Woolf made in her diary, on October 1938, for which, during lockdown, I have relied on fabulous notes Brenda R. Silver made in 1979, published in Twentieth Century Literature, about Woolf's unfinished criticism, 'Reading at Random. or Turning the Page', that includes the 'Anon' chapter. I think Silver's notes were published at the time when everyone still used Leonard Woolf's paltry A Writer's Diary.
The key reference I am looking for, should a kind soul out there have it, is from October 1938, on a day when Woolf thinks about re-examining her 'innumerable T.L.S. notes' for 'some kind of critical book' to be made up of 'quotations? Comments? Ranging all through English literature as I’ve read it and noted it during the past 20 years’.

all best and stay safe,

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