[Vwoolf] Monks? Monk's?

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A perennial question! Funnily enough, I just went through the ms of my
biography of Clive Bell (forthcoming April 2021) and put in the apostrophe
throughout because that is how it appears in a letter of Clive's I quote. I
have always thought either was acceptable, and I think VW herself uses both.
I was never much swayed by the absence of the apostrophe on the gate as that
seemed likely to have been an aesthetic rather than orthographic decision.


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So where are we with the spelling of Woolf's Sussex cottage these days?
Monk's? Monks'? Monks? Does it matter? 


I'm leaning toward Monks because that's how its spelled on the gate of the
house, not to mention Woolf's own idiosyncratic disregard of apostrophes. . 


That said, I believe she was not consistent about the spelling-to no one's
surprise, I'm sure. 


Is there any consensus on this grave issue? 









Danell Jones




Winner: 2019 High Plains Book Award for Nonfiction 


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