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Jeremy Hawthorn jeremy.hawthorn at ntnu.no
Mon Feb 3 12:42:20 EST 2020

Ordered and anticipated!

And a bit of trivia. Do Americans pronounce Woolf's "Louis" "Lewis"or 
"Loo - ee"? Saint Louis is Saint Lewis (except when sung by Chuck 
Berry), so I found myself wondering. Brits I think all use Loo - ee, 
although I'm open to correction on this.

I may have asked this before, if so apologies.

Jeremy H

On 03.02.2020 17:24, Maggie Humm via Vwoolf wrote:
> Dear Woolfians
> This is shameless self-promotion but the exciting news came today that 
> my novel Talland House is now on Amazon:
> https://www.amazon.com/Talland-House-Novel-Maggie-Humm-ebook/dp/B083B77F7C/ref=sr_1_fkmr0_1?keywords=tallied+house+Maggie+humm&qid=1580740588&sr=8-1-fkmr0

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