[Vwoolf] Vwoolf Digest, Vol 93, Issue 1

Francesca Baker fbaker at live.co.uk
Mon Feb 3 11:29:39 EST 2020

Can’t wait to read Tolland House! How very cool x

Francesca Baker

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Today's Topics:

  1. Many thanks for the diary and League research tips
     (Annaliese Hoehling)
  2. Leonard Woolf biog (Dr T Tate)
  3. 2020 Woolf Conf Deadline EXTENDED (Proposals Due 10    February)
     (Hagen, Benjamin D)
  4. Talland House (Maggie Humm)


Message: 1
Date: Thu, 30 Jan 2020 15:00:02 -0500
From: Annaliese Hoehling <ahoehling at umass.edu>
To: vwoolf at lists.osu.edu
Subject: [Vwoolf] Many thanks for the diary and League research tips
   <CABfZNu3_qg64ki4e7LZebwV6SKAdBM4xP+HKh9kf7DE26t34sQ at mail.gmail.com>
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Thank you, all, for the many suggestions in response to my research

A generous and fruitful set of responses!

Best wishes,
Annaliese Hoehling, MA, MFA
PhD Candidate (ABD), English Literature, UMass Amherst
Teaching Assistant, English Department, UMass Amherst
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Message: 2
Date: Thu, 30 Jan 2020 20:04:40 +0000
From: Dr T Tate <tt206 at cam.ac.uk>
To: vwoolf at lists.osu.edu
Subject: [Vwoolf] Leonard Woolf biog
Message-ID: <ccb5b112900ae4171dfa504de464a4ee at cam.ac.uk>
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Thanks, Peter Stansky, for the information about your new book on
Leonard Woolf. I have just ordered it from Blackwells. Very much look
forward to reading it. I think LW is a very interesting thinker and
writer who deserves to be better known.

And thanks, Stuart, for your thoughts on the Kobo ebook of VW essays;
very helpful.

Trudi Tate
Clare Hall, Cambridge
Literature Cambridge


Message: 3
Date: Sun, 2 Feb 2020 15:44:38 +0000
From: "Hagen, Benjamin D" <Benjamin.Hagen at usd.edu>
To: "vwoolf at lists.osu.edu" <vwoolf at lists.osu.edu>
Subject: [Vwoolf] 2020 Woolf Conf Deadline EXTENDED (Proposals Due 10
Message-ID: <4F194BA2-6446-47C6-AD74-989785E5BB20 at usd.edu>
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Dear all,

[Extended Deadline]
The program committee for the 30th Annual Conference on Virginia Woolf (Profession and Performance) has extended its submission deadline and will be accepting proposals until 10 Feb 2020. For the full CFP and other information about the conference, visit usd.edu/virginiawoolf<https://eur05.safelinks.protection.outlook.com/?url=http%3A%2F%2Fusd.edu%2Fvirginiawoolf&data=02%7C01%7C%7C5260f5b88cba4c3cc30908d7a8c5acff%7C84df9e7fe9f640afb435aaaaaaaaaaaa%7C1%7C0%7C637163439267653135&sdata=fRIvHBDE9XbhZ%2BCMt1Gv5l92aWp2931sqGGrQ00P9r4%3D&reserved=0>. We?ve responded to everyone who has submitted up to this point, so if you have not heard from us, do send along your abstract again! If you?ve submitted a proposal, happen to use social media (Facebook, Twitter, etc.), and are looking forward to the conference, we encourage you to share your excitement . . . this will help encourage a deluge of new proposals this week!

Here are a few more items (some info, some news) to consider:

1] The conference runs from 11-14 June 2020, though we certainly encourage folks to arrive a day or two early (or stay a day or two late). If you say in campus housing for four days, you can stay up to three more days for free. (In short: 4 days = weekly rate.) If you?re able to extend your stay in South Dakota, we can also recommend plenty of places to visit?especially in the beautiful western side of the state.

2] We have lined up four excellent plenary events. For the first time, we?re announcing a Plenary Performance. Ellen McLaughlin and Kathleen Chalfant have collaborated and will present THE PARTY?one woman play written by McLaughlin that weaves together three stories Woolf wrote while working on Mrs. Dalloway ? ?The New Dress,? ?Together and Apart,? and ?A Summing Up.?  All three stories take place at Mrs. Dalloway's party.  All the words are Woolf's, and all the characters are played by Chalfant. In addition to THE PARTY, we?re also hatching an additional performance piece. So stay tuned!

3] Second, Carrie Rohman (Lafayette College) will be delivering a Plenary Lecture. Check out her recent Print Plus article on Isadora Duncan?s ?Creatural Aesthetics? here: https://eur05.safelinks.protection.outlook.com/?url=https%3A%2F%2Fmodernismmodernity.org%2Farticles%2Fnude-vibrations&data=02%7C01%7C%7C5260f5b88cba4c3cc30908d7a8c5acff%7C84df9e7fe9f640afb435aaaaaaaaaaaa%7C1%7C0%7C637163439267653135&sdata=ZJM5vF%2BKISrZBSbl7BnXrjTowE9tEDeTTIg4MaeWChY%3D&reserved=0. Rohman is also the author of two brilliant studies: Stalking the Subject: Modernism and the Animal (2009) and Choreographies of the Living: Bioaesthetics in Literature, Art, and Performance (2018).

4] Third, Mark Hussey (Pace U), Urmila Seshagiri (U of Tennessee Knoxville), Drew Shannon (Mount St. Joseph U), and Jean Moorcroft Wilson (U of London) will join us for a Plenary Panel. The panel will cover a range of issues that will thread through the topics of ?Archive, Edition, Life.? See more about them and their work on our main website.

5] Our fourth event is a Plenary Dialogue between Aarthi Vadde and Melanie Micir?co-authors of the award-winning essay, ?Obliterature: Toward an Amateur Criticism? (2018). Their individual research projects include Vadde?s prize-winning Chimeras of Form: Modernist Internationalism Beyond Europe, 1914?2016 (2017) and Micir?s damn amazing book, The Passion Projects: Modernist Women, Intimate Archives, Unfinished Lives (2019).

6] We?re also organizing some pre- and post-conference workshops, so if you wish to come early / stay late, you?ll definitely want to participate in these.

7] And one more thing: We want to be clear. We are not our legislature. USD and Vermillion will provide a safe, cozy, welcoming place to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the Annual Conference on Virginia Woolf. We?re going to have a lot of fun, take care of, and learn so much from each other.

8] If you have any questions, feel to write to me directly: Benjamin.Hagen at usd.edu<mailto:Benjamin.Hagen at usd.edu>. Send abstracts / proposals to Virginia.Woolf at usd.edu<mailto:Virginia.Woolf at usd.edu>.

Benjamin D. Hagen, Ph.D. (he/him/his)
Organizer, 30th Annual International Conference on Virginia Woolf (2020)
Assistant Professor | 20th-Century British and Anglophone Literature
University of South Dakota | Department of English
Dakota Hall, Room 212 | 414 E. Clark St.
Vermillion, SD 57069 | United States
benjamin.hagen at usd.edu<mailto:benjamin.hagen at usd.edu>
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Message: 4
Date: Mon, 3 Feb 2020 16:24:59 +0000
From: Maggie Humm <M.Humm at uel.ac.uk>
To: Woolf Listserv <vwoolf at lists.service.ohio-state.edu>
Subject: [Vwoolf] Talland House
   <LNXP265MB0874C0AED571282AE0137421C4000 at LNXP265MB0874.GBRP265.PROD.OUTLOOK.COM>

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Dear Woolfians

This is shameless self-promotion but the exciting news came today that my novel Talland House is now on Amazon:

Royal Academy, London 1919: Lily has put her student days in St. Ives, Cornwall, behind her-a time when her substitute mother, Mrs. Ramsay, seemingly disliked Lily's portrait of her and Louis Grier, her tutor, never seduced her as she hoped he would. In the years since, she's been a suffragette and a nurse in WWI, and now she's a successful artist with a painting displayed at the Royal Academy. Then Louis appears at the exhibition with the news that Mrs. Ramsay has died under suspicious circumstances. Talking to Louis, Lily realizes two things: 1) she must find out more about her beloved Mrs. Ramsay's death (and her sometimes-violent husband, Mr. Ramsay), and 2) She still loves Louis.

Set between 1900 and 1919 in picturesque Cornwall and war-blasted London, Talland House takes Lily Briscoe from the pages of Virginia Woolf's To the Lighthouse and tells her story outside the confines of Woolf's novel-as a student in 1900, as a young woman becoming a professional artist, her loves and friendships, mourning her dead mother, and solving the mystery of her friend Mrs. Ramsay's sudden death. Talland House is both a story for our present time, exploring the tensions women experience between their public careers and private loves, and a story of a specific moment in our past-a time when women first began to be truly independent.

It will also be in Barnes and Noble and other bookshops in a few months but Amazon do an early bird listing.

Apologies again!


Emeritus Professor Maggie Humm
University of East London
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