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Dear Woolfians,

This is a call for a personal story for one of the conferences listed below.

The Vermillion/SD conference in 2020 organized by Benjamin Hagen will be the 30th one.

To mark the occasion Vara Neverow and I are collecting personal stories from:

1) The organizers

2) Attendees

Vara will publish these stories as a Miscallany Special.

We are looking for memories, behind the scenes events, before/during/after the conference. Stories that might be fun for others to read. All of the Selected Papers feature an introduction which give a wealth of information but I’m sure there must be other stories to share.

We have a promise for 56 stories (organizers - 30-  and attendees -26-) and happily looking forward to those.

This is a call for a story from an attendee for the following conferences:

8th, 1998, Saint Louis University, Saint Louis/MO, Virginia Woolf & Communities

9th, 1999, University of Delaware, Delaware/DE, Virginia Woolf: Turning the Centuries

10th, 2000, University of Maryland, Baltimore/ML, Virginia Woolf Out of Bounds

23th, 2013, Simon Fraser University, Vancouver/Canada, Virginia Woolf and the Common(wealth) Reader

Contributions of no more than 500 words, deadline September 2019

Thank you,

Vara Neverow, neverowv1 at southernct.edu

AnneMarie Bantzinger, ambantzinger at hotmail.com


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