[Vwoolf] Better late than never (an occasional series)

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Unidentified quotation, “William Paston, the judge, was urgent too that the monks of Norwich should be retained to pray for his soul ‘for ever’”, in “The Pastons and Chaucer” (E4 23 & 37n9)

may be from his wife Agnes’s will, 16 Sep 1466:

“to the  prior of the Abbey of Norwiche, to paie dayly for ever to the monke that for that day singeth the masse of the Holy Goste in our Lady Chapell in Norwiche, where he purposed to leye his body, every day iiijd., to sing and pray for his sowle and myn, and al the sowles that he and I have hade any goode of or be beholdyn to pray for.”
“The Paston Letters”, vol. 4, p. 250.


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Unidentified quotation, “Julia is slicing up Ceylon”, in “Julia Margaret Cameron” (E4 382 & 386n39)
is from
FITZPATRICK, Kathleen, "Lady Henry Somerset" (London: Jonathan Cape, 1923), p. 16.


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