[Vwoolf] Nigs, nicknames, & racial slurs

Catherine Hollis hollisc at berkeley.edu
Tue Feb 12 15:18:04 EST 2019

Thank you all for this important contextualization. At the SF Antiquarian
book fair last weekend, Peter Harrington Books was selling an original
studio print of the infamous Dreadnought Hoax photograph, captioned by
Horace De Vere Cole, and with an unpublished letter from him. It was
literally the first thing one saw upon walking into the exhibitor's hall,
so quite shocking after last week in US politics.

I very much appreciated Anne's email and the subsequent discussion. I hope
the Dreadnought hoax and the photograph is something we can bring into the
conversation at the Woolf and Social Justice conference this summer.

Here's the Harrington catalog listing with partial quotation of the letter.

All best,


Catherine W. Hollis, PhD
Instructor, Fall Program for Freshmen
U.C. Berkeley
Berkeley, CA 94720
hollisc at berkeley.edu
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